Tindouf : Those kids that the Polisario Uses for Propaganda Purposes

Every year, The Polisario sends abroad hundreds of Sahrawi children from the Tindouf camps to serve its own propaganda purposes and independence whims. In these camps that are completely isolated…


Western Sahara : Polisario Facing Unprecedented Challenges

The growing revolt of young Sahrawis against the Polisario’s repressive management of the Tindouf camps in Algeria prompts the separatist Front to tighten the noose around its opponents. Mohamed Abdelaziz,…


Tindouf : Children’s Summer Holidays and the Polisario Propaganda

The summer holidays some Sahrawi children from the Tindouf camps spend with host families in Spain, France, Italy or elsewhere, are usually turned in a pro-Polisario and anti-Morocco propaganda campaign….


Western Sahara : Murder of Two Sahrawis Referred to UNHRC

Algerian authorities have once again been singled out for their involvement in the murder of two young Sahrawis from the Tindouf camps. The accusation was this time made by the…


Tindouf : Khat Achahid Movement Pillories Polisario’s Dictatorship

The legitimacy of the Polisario and of its irremovable leader, Mohamed Abdelaziz, is increasingly challenged by young Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps. The latest condemnation was voiced by Mahjoub Salek,…